Poems from the Vault no.3

As I sit in my bathroom
A man outside begins to shout,
At somebody or something
Doing little to retaliate

He has something to push outwards,
Right into the jaws the night,
To throw to the world

Feeling it necessary and important
That his life may depend on
Bellowing it all out,
And tonight I envy him
As I sit with only this blank screen

So silent and so still now
Simply recording something else
Almost new

Words that never had any place
On this page to begin with

For tonight
My luck is as cold
As that first breath of the morning
That which lurches us all forward
Closer into the end



I no longer believe
There is strength left between us
Any more than my lamplight is a fire

These nights that turn a foul and endless play,
Rolling us over in fits
For one day and the ready next

And though I am through accepting these simple terms,
Tired of taking stock, of letting the waters settle

Storms will come and they will pass,
And we will ultimately survive
Wondering why it was
That we ever fought them so hard

For all we will see out there in the end
Will be as pitiful and as beautiful
As everything else in the world
That we have already found a way
To loose

Author: jameskramerblog

James Kramer is a fiction writer currently based in Beijing. His writing has appeared in Your Impossible Voice, as well as various Poetry anthologies. He currently writes a monthly-ish column for LeftLion magazine on China.

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