Short Film: Close to Us


Close to us was a short film, which was created by myself alongside my regular filmic counterpart during that time, Rich Craig, who still I believe, resides somewhere out there online, making both music and video (look him up) shortly after finishing our previous short, Almost Knew.

The film was, similarly to AK, an attempt to explore a chosen perspective within a destructive relationship. This time, unlike its predecessor, the narrative focused on a single point of view, rather than observing the relationship from both sides. The film follows our protagonist home, as she returns from a hospital stay, towards an unknown partner, whose intent may be of a questionable nature. Along the way she is accosted by both friends and strangers, all of which draws some of the more painful memories to the surface.

I have for some time debated as to whether to upload this short, for although there are some elements of it I am still to this day proud of, there are other areas where I feel although the attempt was worthy, there were problems with the overall result. These issues, which I still have towards this film, I take sole credit for, as I will extrapolate upon below.

The film again stared actors who were paid only in meals, wine and many thanks, however this time through a more length recruitment drive, we ended up with a fantastic cast. Azimah Kheedrali (our female protagonist), Mufaro Makubika and Elena Hargreaves all gave great performances, alongside very strong supporting roles. Of Mufaro I am aware that he continued to receive critical praise for his stage and spoken word performances, and Elena I believe has continued to peruse a stage/musical career. My complicated feelings towards some of the scenes stem not from their performances, but my contribution to the overall production. I am weary of some of the cinematography in some of the longer scenes, of which I was responsible for, and that some of the lines of dialogue seem awkward and a little stilted, again something that came from my end.

That said, there are sections that I am still proud of, and I feel that overall the film was a success, mostly due to the collaborative effort of those involved. As always, many thanks to those who gave their time, energy and effort in working on and around its production, and to those who helped bring it to fruition.

James Kramer

Author: jameskramerblog

James Kramer is a fiction writer currently based in Beijing. His writing has appeared in Your Impossible Voice, as well as various Poetry anthologies. He currently writes a monthly-ish column for LeftLion magazine on China.

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