Jobless in Nottingham, James Kramer in Left Lion

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James Kramer rants from the gutter towards the stars in the latest instalment of “Notes From the Middle Kingdom” in Nottingham’s Left Lion.

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James Kramer seeks work in Nottingham’s Left Lion

James Kramer in Left Lion

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James Kramer returns to Nottingham’s Left Lion in Notes from the Middle Kingdom. This issue, James offers some advice on how to keep warm via some ancient (and modern) Chinese techniques.

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Notes from the Middle Kingdom, Keeping Warm China Style

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Bournemouth Scene: James Kramer and The Mad Cucumber

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James Kramer reviewed the vegan institution The Mad Cucumber, follow the link to the review and do follow The Bournemouth Scene.

James Kramer at the Mad Cucumber

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James Kramer in Bournemouth Scene: Activate Performing Arts

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James Kramer met up with those behind Activate Performing Arts, the leading organisers of outside, street and performance art in the Dorset area.

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James Kramer meets Activate Performing Arts

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James Kramer Interviews Myriam San Marco, the Poet Laureate of Bournemouth

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James Kramer interviewed Myriam San Marco, the poet laureate of Bournemouth for Bournemouth Scene.

James Kramer Bournemouth Scene Myriam San Marco

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James Kramer Interviewed on Bournemouth Scene

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James Kramer was interviewed by Bournemouth Scene, an online resource for alternative culture in the Bournemouth/Poole area. Articles on local Tom Waits inspired anarco-pubs, local Poet Laureates and 50 foot towers of industrial bamboo to follow.

The interview can be found via the link below:

James Kramer in Bournemouth Scene

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